"Goodwill is the one and only asset that competition cannot
undersell or destroy."
- Marshall Field

Benefits - smart systems looking good

  • Streamline business processes
  • Maintenance by your own non-technical staff
  • Adherence to corporate style
  • A cost effective solution
  • Cross platform support
  • Full media support and services
Web based applications delivered by Netsima Ltd offer all of the key benefits highlighted above and more. These are the kind of benefits that your business shouldn't ignore if you are aiming to stay ahead of the competition.

Streamlining and improving business

Your web site or application needs to compliment your business. Example objectives may be to increase revenue, to generate sales leads, provide a service for your customers and staff, provide a reference point for information. It is important that the developers of any application take the time and effort to get to know the nature of your business and understand the goals of the project to produce an effective solution.

Netsima developers have delivered applications in fields as diverse as Ophthalmology and Polymer Engineering to Virtual Press Offices and On-Line Training.

These systems have enabled both clients and their customers to benefit from global access to information, reduced administrative time and costs, up to the minute live information and new management capabilities. E-business solutions have increased sales, new business leads and provided valuable customer services.

Netsima listens to you the client: We analyse requirements, readership and project goals. Only when targets and objectives have been clearly defined does Netsima begin work on the design and implementation of the required solution.

A cost effective solution

The secret to ensuring a project is cost effective is to cater for as many viewpoints as possible - every project should be multifaceted.

  • Managers should have access to up to the minute information on performance and trends to help determine and assess strategies and directions.
  • Sales and Marketing leaders will be at an advantage knowing who, when and where visitors to the site come from and how often. Client profiles and sales trends combined with data mining can be used to cross sell, identify strengths and weaknesses and generate further sales
  • Tailoring the site according to the visitor can help customers to find the information they want quickly. Dynamic changing content determined by the demographics of who is visiting is invaluable to both you and your customers.

Netsima specialises in creating system that allow you to mine and utilise information gathered by your site. Providing a wide range of services for many viewpoints from a central repository of information is how Netsima ensures a cost effective solution.

Ease of maintenance

Your site may need to be updated weekly, daily, hourly or even by the minute. The most qualified people to perform updates are your own people - the people that understand your business best.

By providing you with a tailored administration panel, Netsima allows you to change the contents of your web site in seconds. A simple interface means that you do not need to be a web master to change the content.

Mixed environment

Most businesses operate within a Windows environment. Although there are some advantages to using a Windows based environment this is not the only operating system in use. To ensure a maximum audience, your web site functions on different types of machine and operating systems.

Performance, stability, scalability, security and the flexibility of your site, the development methodology and choice of technologies is important. Netsima can deliver solutions that run in various environments including Windows, MACs, Solaris, Linux, iPhones, Android and other web enabled platforms. We choose the technology we use carefully. For more details contact Netsima today.

Branding and Marketing

Netsima Ltd understands the power of brand and appreciates how it can be reinforced through the look and feel of your site or application. We can guarantee your investment in your brand is protected.

Finally, the marketing of your site is where you can utilise the experience of Netsima. We offer assistance in the promotion of your site. Netsima Ltd goes further than submissions to search engines alone, we can identify marketing opportunities for your business which will increase traffic to your site which can be translated into business. For more details about the proven marketing techniques which can be applied to your site contact NetSima


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