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undersell or destroy."
- Marshall Field

A wide variety of projects

A sample selection of web based projects Netsima developers have worked on are shown in this section. The projects chosen demonstrate Netsima's flexibility to work in a wide range of specialist areas using various technologies.

Field: Web based organisation management system

Web site development by Netsima
Description:  The British Association of Retinal Screening (BARS) approached Netsima to develop and host their new web site allowing online payments for member registration, regular payment system, course registration, online events registration, image galleries, document management system, calendar of events and and member email system.

Netsima was chosen for it's value for money in comparison with other web development companies and Netsima's proven support. Web site hosting, email services and automated synchronised daily database backups via secure shell is part of Netsima's standard inclusions when providing a web site for an organisation. We also included various reports to assist with the daily chores around membership for BARS to determine and track renewal of membership with option of exporting to excel, invaluable if you have to send reminders to members that renewal is due!

View Bars Web site here »

Field: Conference registration and abstract submission system

Web site development by Netsima
Description: Netsima was asked to develop a web site to go live for just one year for the European Association for the Study of Diabetes eye complications study group (EASDec). The conference was held in Oxford, UK complete, Gala Dinner at Blenheim Palace.

The site allowed authors to upload abstracts in a pre-prescribed format. From the uploaded abstracts a word document was to be generated for the European Journal of Ophthalmology (EJO). [The final proof of the EJO was performed by Wichtig Editore, specialists in Medical Publications]. Assembly of the word document used to take days and was reduced to just hours. A recent example of the EJO insert can be found here »

With secure online payment for the conference, the site catered for early registration discounts and discounts for trainees. Trade delegates were allowed a variable number of delegates as part of the sponsorship. Working closely with the EASDec Team, Netsima helped with other administrative duties such as printing of the badges which indicated admission to specific events [Welcome Reception, Gala Dinner, dietary requirements, . . .]  Netsima and the EASDec team sent the site live on time and within budget, exactly one year before the event: The exact date specified twelve months earlier!

Field: Web site with content management system

Web site development by Netsima
Description:  The Harris Manchester College within Oxford University asked Netsima to develop the new web site. The site is hosted internally on the college network but editing of the web site was to be performed by non IT members of staff. With just a few hours of training (which consisted mainly of style guides and recommendations) the Library staff had redesigned their own section of the site complete with an animated recommended book links.

Netsima provides the development site for the college staff where the editors can publish their proposed content and gain sign off. Once sign off is received the new pages are published onto the live site.

View Harris Manchester site »

Field: Management training and assessment


CD-ROM based training application for managers to identify training needs, assess staff development and provide marketing aids for sales staff. this resource has helped dealerships throughout the country to develop and assess management training tailored to the motor industry.

Leading on from the success of the CD, MTU PLC required an internet based solution to extend the capabilities of the CD. The solutions delivered by Netsima developers allow dealers and managers in the motor trade access to approved tools and purchase them online.


E-Commerce and E-Business.
High quality digitised video with interactive control.
Allows managers to generate reports on staff development.
Multi format documents containing valuable sales and marketing related information and tools.
Easy to use interfaces give instant access to the appropriate tool.

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